Brim Digital Flowmeter

Brim digital flowmeter utilizes the principle of phase difference to measure fluid flow within a cylindrical pipe. Designed to be free of mechanical parts, Brim digital flowmeter is ideal for use in process environments, providing users with ease of measuring flowrates accurately at affordable rates. Brim digital flowmeter can be used in many fluid mediums, such as oil, chemicals and wastewater.

Key features

– 3 key parameters (Flow, Pressure, Temperature) measured using a single unit
– Includes common units of measurement for ease of reading
– Plug and play
– Maintenance–free
– Compact and light
– Rugged design to resist breakage

Technical information

Power Supply : Battery, lifespan up to 10 years
Display : Alphanumeric LCD display
No-load current : <6µA
Housing : ABS and PU
End Connection : SS304 Union type with SS FNPT / PVC socket
Temperature Range : 0 – 40o ,C ± 0.1o C
Lowest Change Measurable : 0.1 LPM
Pressure Range : 0 – 16Bar ± 0.1Bar
Flow Range : 1 – 100LPM ± 0.1LPM